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1850s Farmhouse Kitchen Transformation with Inspired Kitchens

Posted on the 5/26/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Disclosure: Karndean Designflooring partnered with InspiredKitchens to provide the flooring materials for this project. Photo credit: Ryan & Allie Reveley.

As pastor of Chelmsford Bible Church in Chelmsford, Massachusetts Ryan and Allie Reveley and their family live in an 1850s New England home that serves as the church’s parsonage. In their spare time, they also run the Instagram account @inspiredkitchens. Over the years, the parsonage’s kitchen became less and less practical for the Reveleys and they decided to renovate so that they could incorporate more of their own style and design preferences into the design.

One aspect of the space that was in definite need of an update was the existing vinyl flooring (of a different brand) that was beginning to tear.

“Our contractor recommended click together vinyl plank flooring. We heard about Karndean through Instagram and immediately loved their selection of flooring,” Ryan Reveley said.

Ryan and Allie worked with Karndean to find a look that would match the architectural style of their home and connect the other elements of their design plans. “We were inspired by the farmhouse look since the parsonage is actually an 1850s farmhouse.”

Canadian Urban Oak RKP8116 from the Korlok Select rigid core range was the perfect fit for their home. Canadian Urban Oak boasts hints of deep blonde, which has been lightly brushed to enhance the natural, light coloring.

“One goal of our project was to brighten up our kitchen. We selected white cabinets so we needed flooring that would look good with those cabinets. We also used barnwood to finish our island, so we needed a lighter color floor to be the perfect accent to both our cabinets and our island.”

So now that the kitchen update is complete, how do Ryan and Allie feel about the floors?

“Our Karndean flooring is perfect for our busy lifestyle, where we are running in and out of our kitchen constantly. It really ties our entire project together perfectly and people notice our new floors immediately.”

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