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Neutral Oak LLP307 with a decorative tray on a bench

Inspired by Wood

Luxury vinyl planks designed for authenticity

We offer natural wood-inspired flooring designs without the practical drawbacks of having real wood floors. Featuring all the intricate grain and knot details along with unique characteristics you’d expect to see in traditional hardwood flooring, our luxury vinyl planks are carefully designed for authenticity.

We have an extensive variety of wood designs, including domestic and exotic species. Each design is developed by our product team, who travels the world in search of expressive and intriguing natural forms to influence our unique floor designs, which is why each of our floors has a story behind its development.

Stone path leading to a French countryside manor
Open industrial loft living room with Antique French Oak RKP8110 luxury vinyl floors

Sourced from boards dating back to 17th-century French oak flooring, hundreds of years of natural wear have resulted in the worn and rustic design of Antique French Oak RKP8110 (pictured right).

Just as variation in both color and detail are part of the beauty of nature, so too are our designs. This means you will see natural variation when your floor is laid.

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