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Carbon CER14 tiles with plants on floor

Inspired by Stone

Luxury vinyl tiles with natural stone detailing

We offer a wide range of luxury vinyl floor designs that are inspired by stone, including slate, limestone, marble and more. Our stone-look floors reflect all the characteristics of the natural stone that we drew inspiration from, from deep pitting in our travertine looks to striking veining in our marble floors, giving you the aesthetic appeal of stone without its practical drawbacks.

Each design within our selection of stone visuals was developed by our product team, who travels the world in search of expressive and intriguing natural stones on which to base our latest designs, meaning each floor has a unique story behind its development.

Calacatta marble quarry with large blocks of marble
Full bathroom with Brunella Marble SM-RKT3013-G rigid core luxury vinyl floors in a herringbone pattern

Calacatta (pictured left) has two essential features: a white background and crisp, bold veining. These make it unique in the marble world and our design team spent over a year developing our first calacatta design to ensure that our recreation of this beautiful stone (pictured right Brunella Marble SM-RKT3013-G) reflects the original’s quality and aesthetic.

Just as variation in both color and detail are part of the beauty of nature, so too are our designs. This means you will see natural variation when your floor is laid.

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