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Texas White Ash SM-RKP8105 with eucalyptus, soap dispenser and a washcloth

Korlok Select

Woods and Stones with a Soul and a Story

Our Korlok Select rigid core range is filled with wood and stone floors with a soul and a story. Extra-long 56” x 9” planks and large 18” x 24” tiles, distinctive details and a subtle texture create a look that works in any space.

Most Korlok Select tiles feature InteGrout™, our color-coordinated and stain-resistant grouting that is seamlessly attached to the product, for a faster installation with less mess. What’s even better? InteGrout™ is smooth and easy to clean, so say goodbye to the scrubbing and bleaching that comes along with typical textured grout.

With Korlok Select, you get the added security of a 5G® locking mechanism. Our HoldFast® Lifetime Residential Warranty guarantees securely locked planks will stay together at the end seams. Just one click and these floors are locked for life!

Stopwatch timer icon Plank Installs Over Existing Hard Floors Icon
Quick and Easy
to Install
Floats over existing
hard floors
Hides Subfloor Imperfections Icon Sound Icon
Hides subfloor
Reduces noise


Herringbone Accents

Three 24” x 6” wood-inspired planks (SM-RKP8105, SM-RKP8209 and SM-RKP8116) and two 6”x 24” marble-inspired herringbone tiles (SM-RKT3012-G and SM-RKT3013-G) have been designed specifically to be placed in a herringbone pattern – perfect for smaller areas like bathrooms or entryways.

If you wish to use the same color throughout a larger space or to change the lay pattern, consider laying the herringbone format in one room and their full-size counterparts in an adjoining room.

Size Planks 56” x 9”
24” x 6” Herringbone
Tiles 18” x 24” with InteGrout™*
6” x 24” Herringbone
Wear Layer 20mil
Thickness 6.5mm
Bevel Micro
Locking Mechanism 5G®
Residential Warranty Lifetime
HoldFast® Lifetime Residential Warranty

*excludes RKT2407 & RKT2408

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