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North American Oak RCP6533 in a hallway

Inspiring Ideas for Hallway Flooring

Attractive, Practical Hallway Floors

The hallway is often the first part of your house visitors to your home see, so it’s important to make it as welcoming as possible. Make a bold entrance with intricate patterns or choose something more unassuming. Karndean Designflooring has a wide selection of flooring designs to suit the age of your property and your own personal style.

A simple, classic wood floor is a popular entrance hall look. Take a look at some of the traditional oak designs in our Art Select and Van Gogh ranges. Planks are commonly installed along the length of the hall but can be laid across or at a 45° angle to give the appearance of a wider space. Choose one of our gluedown designs to incorporate borders or custom design features.  

Above average-size entrance hall? Our floating floor ranges include large-format planks and tiles which mean installation is quicker and easier, causing less disruption to family life.

Not sure where to start? Browse our hallway photography below to find the perfect look for your home. If you need some ideas to help shape your space, visit your nearest retailer to talk through design options available.