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Teal and tan mood board with wallpaper, stone, paint and floor samples

Step 2: Gather Design Ideas

Choose your Installation Pattern

How do you know which way you should lay your floor? Now that you've thought about the most common foot path through your space, choose an installation pattern that follows that same path. Use our pattern guide for inspiration or to share with your local retailer.

Wood floors in a herringbone pattern


Herringbone, Broken Herringbone, Chevron, Straight Lay, Staggered, Diagonal,  Diagonal with Border, Striped (2-color), Block

Stone floor in a brick lay pattern


Brick Lay, Straight Lay, Diagonal, Herringbone, Striped (2-color)

Marble and wood floors laided side-by-side


Striped (2-color), Wood frame with stone inset

Choose Design Components

Add a personal touch to your floor with our variety of design components.

Design Strips

Design strips

Design strips can be installed between our planks and tiles or used to create a slim border or grouted look. Add visual interest to the design in a material that won’t stain or fade and doesn’t have to be sealed like typical grout. Look to our design strips page for more options and ideas.

Decorative Borders

Decorative Borders

Decorative borders add a finishing touch or can be used to frame permanent fixtures in the space, like a kitchen island.

Design Features

Star design feature

Add a statement centerpiece to any room, entranceway or stair landing with one of our eight features. Looking for a completely unique feature? Your retailer can help you create a custom design.

Example final room sketch with lay pattern

With your installation pattern and design components chosen, you’re ready to select your format and color of your dream floors. Or head back to the drawing board to imagine a new space.

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