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Sable CER16 in a kitchen with a Davyne border and AF06 3mm design strips

Design Components

Add a Personal Touch to Your Floor

Add a personal touch to your gluedown floor with our design components. From framing a room with a decorative border to using a design strip to give a grouted appearance, to adding a medallion, these components allow you to add visual interest and style to your floor.

Design components are compatible with our gluedown ranges.

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Kitchen with CER13 Eisen and DS15 3mm.jpg
Design Strips_cropped.png

Design Strips

Design strips are narrow pieces of luxury vinyl tile which can be installed between our planks and tiles or used to create a slim border or inlay. They allow you to add visual interest to the design of your floor by adding a grouted look between tiles or planks.

Decorative Borders_cropped.png

Decorative Borders

To add a finishing touch to your design or to frame permanent fixtures, like a kitchen island, consider incorporating a decorative border.

Our decorative borders typically feature two colors: the background color will match your main floor and a contrasting color as the pattern within the border.

Star design feature

Design Features

Make a statement by adding a floor medallion to any room, entranceway or stair landing with one of our design features.