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Baby crawling in a kitchen on Antique Copper  RKT3002-G floors

Our Warranties

Lifetime Residential Warranty

A Karndean luxury vinyl floor is unique to your home and guaranteed to last for years to come. All our ranges include a lifetime residential warranty. 

Product Range

Residential Warranty

Commercial Warranty

Art Select  Lifetime  20 years
Da Vinci  Lifetime  20 years
Van Gogh  Lifetime  15 years
Van Gogh rigid core  Lifetime  15 years
Opus  Lifetime  15 years
Knight Tile  Lifetime  10 years*
Knight Tile rigid core  Lifetime  10 years*
Karndean LooseLay  Lifetime  15 years
Karndean LooseLay Longboard  Lifetime  15 years
Korlok Select (with HoldFast Warranty)  Lifetime  15 years
Korlok Reserve  Lifetime  15 years


Please speak with your local flooring retailer or download our warranty document for more information. Our technical services team is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm ET to answer questions related to our warranty. Contact us at 888-266-4343.

*Subject to terms. Commercial warranty covers light commercial use only.