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Green sofa, concrete coffee table, brown leather and wood chair, and a pile of books on Antique French Oak floors

Rigid Core Ranges

Rigid core is a type of floating floor that clicks and locks into place - no adhesive necessary.

An ideal alternative to laminate and engineered hardwood floors, Karndean Designflooring rigid core offers realistic visuals with the durability and waterproof qualities of luxury vinyl.

Why would you want a rigid core floor?


Floats Over Existing Hard Floors: Rigid core can be floated over most existing hard floor coverings.

100x100 Acoustic_qualities_Black_CMYK.png  

Acoustic Qualities: The premium, pre-attached acoustic foam backing reduces noise transfer to rooms below; perfect for upstairs bedrooms, playrooms or attic/loft conversions.

100x100 Quick_and_easy_to_install_Black.png  

Quick and Easy to Install: Click-locking mechanisms allow the installer to quickly drop and lock planks together, meaning less upheaval and disruption to everyday life.

What does Karndean offer in rigid core?

Our rigid core ranges are Korlok Select, Korlok Reserve, Van Gogh and Knight Tile.


Korlok Select_RGB_Rigid Core.png  Korlok Reserve_RGB_Rigid Core.png

Woods and Stones with a

Soul and a Story


Korlok Select: 56” x 9" planks and 18” x 24” tiles with select visuals available in a 24” x 6” herringbone format.


Korlok Reserve: This range is comprised completely of 48” x 7” woods.


View Korlok Select_RKP8108_Washed Butternut.png

View Korlok Reserve_RCP6531_Vintage Oregon Oak.png

Van Gogh_RGB_Rigid Core.png

Enduring American Style

and Performance

View Van Gogh_SCB81_Country Oak.png

*Van Gogh rigid core colors are also available in our gluedown format.

Knight Tile_RGB_Rigid_Core.jpg

Effortlessly Stylish with

Universal Appeal

View Knight Tile_SCB-ST16_Grey Riven Slate.png

*Knight Tile rigid core colors are also available in our gluedown format.