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Eucalyptus in a vase on a Lutum SP218 tile floor

Karndean vs. Other Flooring Types

Why choose Karndean over other flooring types?

The Look

The care Karndean places in developing realistic designs means that you can recreate the look of materials such as limestone, slate, parquet and timber without having their practical drawbacks.

This is something hard to achieve with textile floor coverings such as carpet and linoleum and click together flooring such as laminate.

Additionally, the flexibility that Karndean offers with complementary design strips and borders means that you can create a unique look for your home.


Like many hard flooring surfaces, Designflooring is extremely resilient. All of our ranges come with residential lifetime warranties. It's hard to find a carpet that can provide such durability.

Natural products such as timber and related man made alternatives including laminate can expand, curl or shrink whereas Designflooring maintains its shape throughout its lifetime. Unlike stone and ceramic tiles, vinyl won't crack or chip.

Since Designflooring is comprised of individual wood planks and tiles, should damage to one or two occur, they can be easily replaced by your installer using spares from your original installation. This is a huge advantage over products that are supplied on a roll such as carpet, linoleum and sheet vinyl and click together floors such as laminate, as damage means a costly replacement of your whole floor. 

Easy to clean and maintain

Unlike carpets, luxury vinyl tiles don't harbor dirt, dust mites or bacteria and are resistant to stains and water spillage. Perfect if you've got a young family or pets.

Our grout effect design strips have the same stain resistant properties as our floor tiles so unlike grout between tiles they won't discolor over time.

Like most hard flooring surfaces, Designflooring is easy to maintain - a weekly mop with water and a pH neutral cleaner is all that's needed to keep it looking great. It's greener than using a vacuum cleaner and less arduous than maintaining floors that need regular polishing.

Review our cleaning and maintenance advice here.

Quietness and Warmth

While no hard flooring is as warm and quiet underfoot as carpets and textile floor coverings, Karndean's floors are quieter than stone and ceramic alternatives and are without the creaks and groans often associated with wood and laminate floors.

As with timber and laminate flooring, Designflooring is also much warmer underfoot than ceramic tiles and stone floors. It can also be laid over underfloor heating systems.


As with most flooring products, Karndean Designflooring needs to be installed by a professional flooring fitter - this also validates your warranty.

Though it takes longer to fit than a sheet product such as carpet or linoleum, we believe the practical advantages and durability outlined above outweigh the initial outlay. Installation of vinyl tiles is quicker than many other hard flooring products such as stone and timber.