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House Homemade Canadian Urban Oak RKP8116

House Homemade Adds Style and Function with Continuous Flooring

Posted on the 11/16/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Disclosure: Karndean Designflooring partnered with House Homemade to provide the flooring materials for this project.

Jessica Nickerson, her husband and two daughters (ages 8 and 10) have lived in their Dallas home for the past three years. Previously a middle school art teacher, Jessica now spends her time redesigning their home, capturing every step on her blog House Homemade, and designs client rooms as well.

When Jessica and her family first moved into their home, the floors were either tile or carpet throughout. “We pulled up the carpet pretty quickly, then more recently got rid of the tile. We had stained concrete floors in our last house, but I really wanted a warm wood look for a more cohesive feel,” Jessica said.

Jessica began looking into luxury vinyl plank (LVP) for its waterproof and other “life friendly” properties for the main level of their home. She came across Karndean Designflooring through social media and a partnership was formed.

We invited Jessica to visit our corporate showroom in Fort Worth to explore color options and learn more about our products. “Kayla was so friendly and knowledgeable. I left [the showroom] feeling so confident that it was a great fit. In comparing with other floors I looked at, Karndean’s floors felt more substantial. I liked that the graining/ patterns were varied and looked more natural.”

Jessica left our showroom with full size samples of her narrowed-down choices, waiting to make a final decision in her home – something we recommend you do too as you evaluate your flooring choices. Jessica delved into the process of making her final selection on her blog and ultimately landed on Canadian Urban Oak RKP8116 from our Korlok Select rigid core range.

“I wanted the flooring to add to the warmth of the space and to enhance what we already have and love. I picked Canadian Urban Oak because it looks natural and modern to balance out the traditional feel of some of the other elements at our house. While it’s more neutral than some of the other wood tones in our home, it works so well with them. Nothing competes for attention.”

Left: Entryway with Candian Urban Oak floors; Right: Laundry room with Canadian Urban Oak floors

Photo credit: Jessica Nickerson

Canadian Urban Oak was professionally installed and now spans Jessica’s entire first level. “They instantly made our house feel bigger (continuous flooring will do that). Things feel finished now, more polished.”

And how do the new floors fit her family’s lifestyle? “Every time I’m watering our house plants and drips bead up on the floors, I’m so thankful they’re waterproof. I’m glad new flooring didn’t result in having one more thing to take care of. There’s already enough on our plate. These are the perfect floors for our family. I don’t feel like we need to tip toe around or be overly careful. They’re strong and durable and that makes me happy.”

Now that the flooring is complete, what’s up next for Jessica? “I’ve always got a home project going. Sometimes they’re big and sometimes small. Currently we’re finishing up baseboards from getting the new floors.”