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Bleached Grey Walnut WP329 in a block pattern

Laying Patterns

Ideas and inspiration for designing with our luxury vinyl flooring.

One of the things people love most about our products is the ability to create striking custom designs, especially with our gluedown and loose lay formats. Whether it’s zoning around a kitchen island or matching designs in multiple rooms, you can install wood and stone looks side by side, lay the flooring at different angles, or use varying sizes of the same product for more visual interest.

For Maximum Creativity And The Most Color Options

Go  With Gluedown

Gluedown Laying Pattern Inspiration
Left: Casablanca SP219 tile with Grano WP311 and Ebony DS07 design strip in herringbone, Center: Natural School Cedar VGW142T with Chocolate DS06 design strip in shiplap; Right: Bleached Grey Walnut WP329 in block

Gluedown planks and tiles are individually bonded to the subfloor with adhesive – but before installation begins, you can cut them to fit together in virtually any pattern. The planks and tiles can be complemented with design strips and decorative borders for even more design possibilities, and you can seamlessly transition from wood to stone looks with products from the same gluedown collection.

Design Creativity Meets Extra Comfort

With Loose Lay

Loose Lay installation inspiration
Left: Shadow Fabric Oak LLP331 in herringbone, Center: Champagne Oak LP310; Right: Pearl Oak LLP306

Loose lay flooring is similar to gluedown for installation, except it requires no adhesive. Individual planks and tiles can be cut to create zoning or patterns – although unlike gluedown, the loose lay format is not compatible with design strips and decorative borders. As for performance, loose lay is our thickest format, providing the most cushion underfoot and reducing noise transfer from upper floors to lower floors.

Note: Karndean LooseLay planks and tiles should not be cut in pieces smaller than the width of the product. Doing so will affect the quality of the installation.

For Standard Patterns In An Easy-To-Install Format

Choose Rigid Core

Rigid Core Laying Pattern Inspiration
Left: Chevron Pale Limed Oak SCB-CH-KP94; Center: Herringbone Brunella Marble SM-RKT3013-G; Right: Olten Stone SCB-ST24-G

Rigid core flooring pieces click and lock together, “floating” over the subfloor without bonding or gripping to it. The click-and-lock connections do not allow for the design flexibility of gluedown and loose lay – the products can be laid straight or at 45-degree angles. Some or our rigid core products from the Korlok Select collection are designed for herringbone patterns.