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Bleached Grey Walnut WP329 in a block pattern

Laying Patterns

Pattern ideas for Karndean Designflooring luxury vinyl floors.

Laying Pattern Ideas

Karndean Designflooring products are very versatile and are designed to accommodate the growing desire for zoning individual spaces and matching "room to room" designs. With Karndean it is possible to install stone and wood products side by side, lay the flooring at different angles, or use different sizes of the same product to create more interest.


If your project calls for a customized flooring layout, our gluedown planks are likely the best fit. These individual, multi-directional planks and tiles may be laid in a wide variety of patterns, are compatible with design strips and borders (some exceptions apply) and can be easily cut to create virtually any pattern.

Gluedown wood laying patterns

Gluedown stone laying patterns

Loose Lay

Like our gluedown products, our loose lay planks and tiles are multi-directional planks and tiles may be laid in a wide variety of patterns. However, they are not compatible with design strips and borders.

Loose lay wood laying patterns

Loose lay stone laying patterns

Loose lay mixed wood and stone laying patterns

Note: Do not cut Karndean LooseLay planks or tiles into pieces that are smaller than the width of the product, as this will affect the quality of the installation.

Rigid Core

Due to the nature of the click-locking mechanism, our rigid core products can be laid straight or at a 45-degree angle. A selection of our Korlok Select rigid core products were made specifically to be laid our in a herringbone pattern (sized 24" x 6"). This certainly doesn't limit your ability to create visual interest, though. Consider blending multiple colors within one layout!

Rigid core laying patterns