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Trend Alert: Mys

Posted on the 2/11/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

You've likely heard of Scandinavian (Scandi) style and hygge, but there is yet another new lifestyle and décor trend from the same region that is resonating with designers and homeowners alike called mys (pronounced meese). Native to Sweden, mys is all about “slow living,” taking time to enjoy food and family, and relax. Winters in Scandinavian countries are known for being long, dark and cold; hence the reason so many of these trends center around creating a cozy home.

In Sweden, it has been common practice to take it slow on weekends, but you can expand on this concept and incorporate mys into your everyday life – through enjoying good food, curating relaxing spaces in your home, taking a walk to your favorite neighborhood spot and even by watching a new television show.

Reading nook with bench and shelves under the staircase

Because we are spending more time at home than ever before, how can you translate this principle into your interior design? Because mys embodies relaxation, it is open to interpretation and personalization – what makes you feel relaxed? For example:

• Plush fabrics and textiles
• Soft lighting
• Organic materials
• Plant life
• Natural light
• Home fragrance
• Display family photos or décor pieces that remind you of past trips or experiences
• Declutter
• Dedicate a space, even just part of a space, to what you enjoy doing (reading, meditation, etc.)

Creating a relaxing escape in your home is especially important for overall wellbeing, and by incorporating elements of mys into your home décor you can take small peaceful moments for yourself throughout the day.

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