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Trend Alert: Modern Mediterranean

Posted on the 5/3/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

When you think of traditional Mediterranean style, bright blue and white patterned décor likely comes to mind. However, the Mediterranean region itself is quite large, leaving “Mediterranean style” open to interpretation, depending cultural influences of the region you’re most inspired by. Influences range from the Iberian Peninsula to Italy to Greece. Today, Mediterranean style has taken on new life. Aptly named “modern Mediterranean” or “new Mediterranean,” today’s interpretations take a more neutral and overall minimalistic approach.

Architectural Elements
There isn’t much contrast between the architectural elements of traditional and modern Mediterranean styles. Geometric elements such as columns and archways are used across both styles, as are hybrid indoor-outdoor spaces. 

Regional Influences
With both Iberian- and Grecian-inspired Mediterranean style, you typically see bold geometric patterns, with Iberian style using a warm color palette and Grecian style using bright blues and whites. In the modern version, there is more strategic and moderate use of pattern with pops of color.  


In Tuscan-influenced Mediterranean homes, you may see darker woods (similar to Aged Oak KP98 or Raven Oak LLP302) used in flooring, furniture or in exposed ceiling beams, along with other purposeful rustic and organic elements.

If the light, airy nature of the Mediterranean Sea itself appeals to you, allow natural lighting and brilliant whites to brighten up a space and use lightweight textiles to add a sense of ease. Incorporate organic décor to strengthen the connection to nature.

Color Palette
Overall, the modern Mediterranean palette incorporates warm, earthy shades and strategic pops of color. It’s not unusual to see the same shades weaved throughout multiple spaces, adding to the minimalist, de-cluttered feel.


Karndean LVT
Inspired by this aspect of the style, you would likely run the same floor color throughout the entire home and drawing on the minimalist intent, we would look that has some natural detailing but isn’t too busy. Choose a warm wood look if you like the coastal, Iberian or Grecian styles (see above); and either a light or a dark wood if you like Italian style. You could also incorporate an antique cotta tile, like our Aged Parchment RKT3011-G.


Perhaps your flooring is one of the ways you wish to strategically use pattern in the space. A subtle way to incorporate this is by using our Shadow Lace RKT2407 or for a more striking look, Marrakesh SP220.

No matter which type of modern Mediterranean style resonates with you most, by implementing elements of this style you are sure to have a fresh, simplistic space.