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Trend Alert: Japandi Style

Posted on the 6/9/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

If you consider yourself to be a minimalist when it comes to your home decor, a growing new trend known as Japandi will likely appeal to you. Asian interior design styles are perhaps most well-known for bringing calm and balance to a space (i.e. feng shui, zen), but another aspect of Japanese style, in particular, is wabi sabi – beauty in imperfection. Up to now, the minimalist style of choice has been Scandinavian style, with its light, natural palette; but as minimalist style evolves, it has taking on a new form in Japandi, a fusion of Japanese and Scandi styles.

Warm Ash RKP8103

Function is the guiding principle of Japandi style. Because everything in the space has a purpose, there is no clutter (hence the appeal to minimalists). If décor doesn’t have a specific purpose, be sure to carefully select meaningful pieces to keep a sense of simplicity.

The color palette of Japandi style combines the richness of Japanese style with the neutrals used in Scandi style. For example, you can incorporate warm woods through furniture or flooring while keeping walls neutral or for a quick update, add pillows or curtains that are warm in tone.

Double Smoked Acacia RP105

Japanese style is characterized by an intentional combination of high-quality natural materials (such as wood, leather, linen and paper) that exhibit clean lines and are somewhat sleek in design. Furniture pieces, although high-quality, remain both practical and comfortable. Perhaps you have a few treasured pieces of furniture in a variety of woods or have some handmade pieces during travel that you would like to display. 

Neutral Oak LLP307

Adding greenery will bring the natural world into your home while adding patterned throws, rugs and cushions introduces other interesting and cozy textures. A few moments spent in mindfulness or meditation in such a position is sure to provide a sense of peace after a long day.

Japandi style’s combination of purpose, simplicity and natural materials are sure to create a relaxing and grounded space in your home. For more style and design tips, make sure you follow us on Instagram.