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Van Gogh Rigid Core

Rigid core is a hybrid floating floor option that clicks and locks into place, without the use of adhesive. Our rigid core can be installed over most existing hard floors, meaning less upheaval in your home during installation. It provides an ideal alternative to laminate and engineered hardwood floors and offers the same realistic look, but with the added durability and waterproof qualities of luxury vinyl.

Our rigid core products incorporate our 100% waterproof K-Core® technology, which allows for a fast installation over most existing hard surfaces floors, and uneven subfloors. It’s also our quietest to walk on thanks to the built-in acoustic underlay, ideal for upstairs rooms in the home where you wish to minimise noise transfer to rooms below.

Our Van Gogh range is dual format, meaning it comes in 20 popular colours in both gluedown and rigid core. meaning you can first choose a colour that best suits your space and then select the format that better suits your needs.

Like our original rigid core product Korlok, Van Gogh rigid core features our 100% waterproof K-Core technology for installation over most existing hard floors whilst preserving them and without the worry of exposing subfloor imperfections. Rigid core is quick and easy to install and does not require the use of adhesive so rest assured in the knowledge that you will enjoy less upheaval in the home during the installation of this format.

Both formats are finished with K-Guard+ surface protection and a 0.5mm wear layer, guaranteed to provide a durable surface perfect for busy households with kids and pets. Van Gogh rigid core planks are mid-sized at 1220mm X 180mm and features our amazing lifetime residential warranty to ensure you’ll have a beautiful floor that you’ll love for a lifetime.

Check out our entire selection of Van Gogh rigid core options and visualise what they will look like in your space using our great Floorstyle visualiser tool!