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Smoked American Maple RCP6545 in a living room

Korlok Reserve

Woods with a Soul and a Story

Our Korlok Reserve rigid core range offers an assortment of oak, pine, maple, sycamore and elm visuals across oiled, aged and limed finishes. Whether your style is inspired by the tranquillity of the sea or reclaimed rustics, you’ll find a floor with a soul and a story within Korlok Reserve that ties the elements of your space together.

This rigid core range features 48” x 7” planks with a patented and proven 2G® locking mechanism that creates less upheaval in your home during installation.

Stopwatch timer icon Plank Installs Over Existing Hard Floors Icon
Quick and Easy
to Install
Floats over existing
hard floors
Hides Subfloor Imperfections Icon Sound Icon
Hides subfloor
Reduces noise
Size 48” x 7” Planks
Wear Layer 20mil
Thickness 6.5mm
Bevel Micro
Locking Mechanism 2G®
Residential Warranty Lifetime

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