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Nichol Naranjo Canadian Maple RP61 hero

From Childhood Dream Home to Forever Home

Posted on the 4/21/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

If you follow Nichol Naranjo on Instagram, you already know the incredible story behind her forever home, which just so happened to be her dream home as a child. Nichol’s mother was the housekeeper for owner Pam for more than 43 years and Nichol often tagged along on cleaning days. As Nichol puts it, “Cleaning her home was a family affair when I was a child. All hands on deck.” Pam was much more than simply an employer and grew to be a dear friend and extension of the family. “She was such an instrumental part of our lives and her kindness left its mark on us all, not to mention her eye for design!”

After Pam’s passing, Nichol and her husband Dominic learned that Pam’s home was going to be put on the market. “My husband and I knew we had to purchase the home that Pam LOVED and poured her soul into and carry on her legacy through the process and our journey.”

“We hit the ground running when we moved in. Our bedroom had baby blue carpet and the cream vinyl in our bathroom was worn. Needless to say, we were anxious to get the carpet out and did so our first day in our new house!” Unlike the rest of the home, there was not original hardwood flooring underneath the carpet and vinyl in the main bed and bath, but Nichol knew exactly what she was looking for in a floor. “I had always dreamed of having a herringbone patterned floor and knew it was the perfect time to bring one in!”

Determined to find a vinyl floor that could be installed in a herringbone pattern, Nichol turned to the internet for ideas. “I researched vinyl flooring endlessly, in hopes of finding one that could be laid in the pattern we desired, and in the color we desired. When I came across Karndean’s Instagram I knew I had found the perfect fit! I could not find another brand who had the same color and pattern capabilities!”

Left: Desk by the window in bedroom with herringbone floors; Right: Chair beside bed with herringbone floors

Nichol selected Canadian Maple RP61 from the DaVinci gluedown product range. “After traveling to places like Paris, England and New York City, I knew the color (and pattern) was perfect for us! I had seen the same color and pattern in so many different museums and hotels and fell in love! It’s timeless and it hides dirt/dust well, which comes in handy with our pets and family.” Dominic and Nichol have three daughters, two of which still live at home, along with two dogs – 12-year-old Yorkie Luka and 10-year-old Great Dane Liberty.

“With our pets (and family) we needed something that could hold up to high and heavy traffic and last for years to come! I don’t like having to “baby” anything in our home and want the ability to enjoy and really live in each space, and this floor checked all of those boxes!”

“As we renovated our bedroom (new paint, light fixtures, etc.) our new herringbone floor made for the perfect, and most beautiful, foundation to build upon. Our Karndean floors are EXACTLY what we hoped and dreamed they would be! Not only do they look stunning, and like real wood, but they are durable and so easy to clean and maintain. It really is even more striking in person, it’s also soft and quiet underfoot, which I love. Every single person who comes to our house comments on how beautiful the floor is and they are always shocked when they find out it’s vinyl and not real wood! I still admire it every single day.”

What advice does Nichol offer to other homeowners looking at flooring? “Take your time in gathering your inspiration and look for it in unexpected places. I have been photographing floors in museums, hotels, and even high-end retail stores for years. Think in terms of classic and timeless - for me, that’s whatever YOU love and speaks to you, not just something that’s trendy and popular now. Choose something that fits your lifestyle and family, something that allows you to relax and enjoy your own home with ease, while looking beautiful!”

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