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Korlok Select versus Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Posted on the 10/14/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

We recently introduced 17 stone looks to our interlocking Korlok Select floating floor range. Like all Karndean Designfloors, these stones are waterproof, durable, kid and pet friendly, come with a lifetime residential warranty and feature original Karndean visuals! These visuals were developed from antique French cotta, Calacatta marble, slate, limestone and include Moorish stenciled tiles. 

Aged Parchment RKT3011-G

Perhaps you’re considering adding a ceramic or porcelain tile to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. With our Korlok Select stones you can enjoy the look of these materials without their practical drawbacks. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Korlok Select stones over ceramic or porcelain.

Stain-Resistant and Color-Coordinated InteGrout™ 

Typical textured or sanded grout can age a ceramic or porcelain floor. Because these types of grout are porous, they absorb substances that are spilled on them, stain and discolor over time. You’ll need to scrub typical grout aggressively or bleach it to return it to its original color. 

Arctic Mist RKT3005-G

However, all but two of our Korlok Select stones come with seamlessly attached InteGrout™ that is nonporous, stain-resistant and color-coordinated to complement the color of the tile. You can easily wipe up spills on our grout-effect luxury vinyl tiles with a cloth and pH neutral cleaner! Not only is InteGrout™ easy to clean, but it ensures you have consistent, straight grout lines between each tile, as no spacers are needed during installation. 

Warm Underfoot

Brunella Marble RKT3013-G

If you’ve ever rented or lived in a home with ceramic or porcelain tile, you know just how cold these materials can get during the winter months or even when your air conditioning is running. Treat yourself to the luxury of having a warmer, softer and more comfortable floor under your feet with Karndean Designflooring. It's even compatible with underfloor heating.

Suitable for Any Level in Your Home

Coastal Fog RKT3004-G

At just 1/3 of the weight of the average porcelain tile of the same size, Korlok Select can be easily transported and installed in any level of the home. Upstairs bathrooms, bedrooms and walk-in closets are perfect for our Korlok Select stones! 

Acoustic Qualities

Each Korlok Select tile has a pre-attached acoustic foam backing that is commercially rated for reducing sound transfer to the room directly below.

Less Upheaval During Installation

Sandstorm RKT3010-G

With Korlok Select, you can walk across your new floor as soon as installation is completed because it does not need to cure or be sealed like ceramic and porcelain since there is no mortar or grout used. In addition, Korlok Select’s waterproof and rigid K-Core® layer, along with a 5G® locking mechanism, allows for a fast, floating installation over most existing hard floors so there’s no need to demo your existing floor if it's in good condition.

Ready to explore the Korlok Select stones? View the range and request free swatch samples!