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NaturaLuxe via WGSN

Trend Alert: NaturaLuxe

Posted on the 6/22/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

Interior style today focuses on selecting elements from a variety of styles, taking what resonates most with you, and blending these elements together to create your own distinct style. After all, your space should be a reflection of yourself – and with Karndean Designflooring you can even tailor your floor to fit your style preferences.

One popular way we’re seeing a blend of multiple styles is through fusing natural elements with new age amenities – what we call NaturaLuxe. We’ve seen the term biophilia for several years now and this is a progression of that idea of bringing nature into the home; but moving beyond the literal interpretation of leaf prints in textiles and framed art and to more of a focus on organic colors, materials and finishes to give you the warmth and comfort you seek. The result is a casual-look environment with curated accent pieces.

NaturaLuxe styled home kitchen images via WGSN

What are some ways you can incorporate NaturaLuxe style into your home?

  • Look for vintage, antique and handcrafted furnishings and décor for your home/projects. Play with scale and composition to breathe new life into traditional patterns and create different energy levels in the space. Combine these items with more modern pieces.
  • Mix rustic woods with modern metals to add some industrial luxury.
  • Update your previous color palette of crisp whites and steely grays as neutrals with taupe, rust and other earth tones, as this trend subtly shifts color in a warmer direction.

NaturaLuxe styled bathroom image via WGSN

So how can you bring the NaturaLuxe look into your home through flooring specifically?

  • Explore more tactile flooring – woods and stones with textures derived from nature
  • Natural-toned woods with a hint of warmth
  • Rustic appeal/weathering adds vintage appeal
  • Look to slate or concrete visuals for an industrial influence
  • Focus on floors and textures that convey warmth and luminosity or airiness

Here are some looks within the Karndean Designflooring portfolio that would fit this trend:

NaturaLuxe Karndean Floors

Pictured top to bottom left to right: Classic Oak VGW86T/SCB86, Character Walnut LLP315, Vintage Hickory EW12, Smoked Butternut RKP8107, Grey Riven Slate ST16, Reclaimed Redwood VGW99T/SCB99.

Have you recently curated a NaturaLuxe space? Share your photos with us on Instagram – tag #MyKarndeanFloor.


All images, except for the Karndean Designflooring pairings, were sourced via WGSN.