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Woods Inherently Beautiful with Age

The Art Select Wood range is full of charm and character, allowing you to bring the beauty of real wood to life in your home. Designed with hand-carved embosses and distinctive beveled edges, each plank is crafted to enhance the unique grains, knots and textures of the woods that inspired them. 


This range includes several new collections, each containing stately designs with refined elegance. Explore these collections to find the Art Select Wood you will love for a lifetime.


French Oaks


French oak has been long established as a popular choice of both flooring and wine-making, due to its high tannin content, minimal knots and tight grain pattern, which add a slow-aged quality to floor boards and flavor to wine. Our two new French oaks are available in a large-format 56" x 9" plank, bring a sense of grandeur to any interior. Glacier Oak is available in a corresponding 18" x 3" accent plank, which can be used alone or together with its full-size counterpart to add a custom touch to your space.


Art Select | French Oaks


Available in Glacier Oak (RL21SM-RL21) and Savannah Oak (RL23)


Reclaimed Hickories


Our three new hickory designs are inspired by reclaimed planks recovered at a Midwest lumber yard. The stark color contrast between the deeper "heartwood" and outer sapwood is the result of over a century of growth, exposing a beauty only visible with age. These logs were sawn using a wide circular blade, inspiring our new emboss, which gives the planks a genuine, subtle cross-sawn appearance and texture. 


Art Select | Reclaimed Hickories


Now available in a large plank format (56” x 9”), our reclaimed hickory comes in the following designs: Weathered Hickory (EW11)Vintage Hickory (EW12) and Classic Hickory (EW13).


American Chestnuts


Salvaged from floor joists, granary boards and rafters from eastern Ohio barns, our new American Chestnut replicates the rustic feel and rich tones of traditionally crafted wood and feature an array of cracks and worm holes.


Art Select | American Chestnut


Available in the following designs: Reclaimed Chestnut (EW21) and Salvaged Chestnut (EW22)


English Oak


Inspired by artisan woodworking techniques when floor boards were individually crafted by hand, our English Oak embodies old-world charm and captures all the characteristics of a traditional oak floor in a format that won't need refinishing.


Art Select | English Oak


Available in the following designs: Storm Oak (RL12)



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