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Art Select

Full of charm and character, our premium Art Select collection brings the natural beauty of wood and stone flooring to life in your home. Each one of the planks and tiles include our most intricate designs and realistic embosses.

Our most intricate designs inspired by nature

Full of charm and character, our premium Art Select range is recognised for featuring the most beautiful and authentic designs, bringing the natural beauty of real wood and stone to life.

Every floor features a bevelled edge and handcrafted emboss that replicates the texture of a natural wood and stone floor but, unlike the real thing, is as practical as it is beautiful.

From the classic elegance of oak in a wide range of colour hues and the rustic charm of hickory with its exclusive emboss reproducing the characteristic saw marks of the original planks to the unique eclectic look of reclaimed chestnut in random sized planks, our Art Select wood collection offers you the ultimate selection of wood design flooring.

Charming and sophisticated, our parquet and small planks can be arranged in a variety of patterns for a look that’s timeless yet contemporary. Pair with their matching full length planks to achieve a sense of flow throughout your home.

Effortlessly stylish, our Art Select stone collection has been inspired by landscapes across the world. Each travertine, slate, marble and limestone design has been designed to reflect the unique organic colours, patterns and textures of real stone but without any of the natural drawbacks.

Exquisite and individual, discover the unique stories of our Art Select designs.



  • Flexible. Reflect your individuality with a combination of wood and stone designs, laying patterns and complementary borders or create a bespoke hand-cut floor that’s uniquely personal.
  • Easy to clean. Our designs are hygienic and easy to maintain with a simple sweep and mop. Our unique K-Guard+ technology means that there is no need to apply an additional surface treatment following installation.
  • Comfortable. Our products are softer and warmer underfoot than natural wood and stone and are compatible with underfloor heating.
  • Guaranteed for life. Our unique scuff and stain resistance technology ensures a hard wearing surface.