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Van Gogh multi-format

Enjoy traditional Van Gogh wood designs in both gluedown and rigid core format to suit any home project.

Timeless designs that never go out of fashion

Featuring some of our most popular designs, the Van Gogh range has it all - realistic colours, knot details and grain textures of natural wood but with all the practical benefits you need from a modern flooring.

Inspired by woodlands from around the world, our Van Gogh wood collection brings you contemporary designs that replicate timbers such as European oak and birch as well as more exotic redwood, ginger and reclaimed antique timbers.

Including options in an extra large 56" x 9" plank, choose from cool contemporary greys such as Grey Brushed Oak, the gentle pink undertones of Blush Oak or the charming rustic browns of Salvaged Barnwood or Smoked Oak. The range also includes a collection of smaller 28 x 7” planks which can be laid in a herringbone pattern alongside the matching full sized plank to add interest and a sense of flow from room to room.

Every Van Gogh plank features a textured emboss that allows the detailed wood grain to shine and authentically tells the unique story of each design. The result is so authentic, you’ll be forgiven for mistaking our flooring for the real thing.

For extra flexibility, many of our Van Gogh designs are also available in a rigid core format.



  • Easy to clean. Our designs are easy to maintain with a simple sweep and mop. Our unique K-Guard+ technology means that there is no need to apply an additional surface treatment following installation.
  • Hygienic. Unlike other floor coverings a Karndean floor won’t harbour dirt, grime or dust mites for a surface that’s reassuringly healthy.
  • Waterproof. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, our floors effortlessly stand up to spills and won’t swell, crack or warp when wet.
  • Comfortable. Our products are softer and warmer underfoot than natural wood and stone and are compatible with underfloor heating.