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Van Gogh


Our popular Van Gogh range captures the look and feel of real timbers in a carefully curated collection of 20 timber-look planks.

From classic European species such as oak, elm, maple, and birch to quintessential Australian timbers including blackbutt and spotted gum, the Van Gogh range celebrates the intrinsic character and rich diversity of colour, tone, and texture of the world's most beautiful timbers.

We have recently had new additions to the range this season, including the on-trend tones of Natural Maple, subtly coloured to contrast lighter honey notes with highlights of darker brown. Smoked Maple, with its rich chocolate browns and moody dark accents, is a confident and sophisticated choice for contemporary interiors, while new designs inspired by oaks and Australian hardwoods extend the inspirational choices for your home.


Van Gogh TN 125x101.png

Why  choose  gluedown?


No expansion gap required: Can be fitted hard up against walls and fixtures with no need for accessories to cover the gap


Personalisation: With our gluedown ranges, you have complete control over the look of your floor. From the lay pattern to the incorporation of design strips and borders

Individual tile and planks are stuck down_Black_CMYK.jpg

Glued down: Planks and tiles are permanently secured with Mega Bond glue to the subfloor


View Van Gogh designs

Our Van Gogh range is also available in a hybrid rigid core format. Find out more about our dual format.