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New Korlok Texas White Ash herringbone SM-RKP8105 and Marron Elm RCP6543

Latest additions to Korlok ranges capture preference for casual luxury

Posted on the 1/31/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

The latest visuals to join our award-winning Korlok Select and Korlok Reserve rigid core ranges capture the returning preference towards mid-to-dark warm woods, along with the pandemic-related trend of casual at-home luxury.

“Not only are these refined mid-to-dark warm woods a classic choice, but (until now) were vastly underrepresented within the rigid core category as a whole,” Karndean Designflooring director of marketing Jenne Ross said. “With the ever-growing drive of casual luxury, our new light neutral herringbone planks and other minimalist, clean-lined visuals reflect our interpretation of how to create a relatable, yet luxurious home through flooring.”

Korlok Select

Bathroom with free standing tub, wicker basket and sink

An entirely new Korlok Select design was developed from hand-selected floorboards found in an old railway station in the Highlands of Scotland. This design embodies the characteristics of a mature wood while thoughtfully balancing cracks and markings to create an authentic LVT design. The addition of a fully registered emboss brings the visual to life by showcasing the subtle grain movements of the original boards. This design is available in two colorways, Glenmore Oak and Braemar Oak.

In addition, a new colorway in the range’s existing Baltic Oak design, achieved by mixing a variety of wood grades, is now available (Baltic Coastal Oak); along with two existing colorways are now available in an additional 24” x 6” rigid core herringbone format (Texas White Ash and Canadian Urban Oak).

Korlok Reserve

Living room that opens into kitchen island

A new clean, yet characterful American Elm design has all the depth of the natural wood without overpowering a room. The warm reddish tones of Marron Elm bring a more classic feel, while the cool gray tones of Ghost Elm suit contemporary and coastal interiors.

In its natural form, American Maple is relatively straight grained and fine textured, creating an elegant and understated floor. Karndean designers fumed the boards to enhance the wood's underlying features, highlighting the subtle contrasting tones in the knots and sap marks, to create Smoked American Maple.

European sycamore has a fine, close texture and is naturally a light, almost white color. Millstone Sycamore features ivory tones that make it ideal for modern or contemporary spaces where a more neutral floor color is desired.

Learn more about our rigid core products and explore Korlok Select and Korlok Reserve visuals.