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Van Gogh Rigid Core Honey Oak SCB94 Living Room

Australasian Designs Among the Latest Van Gogh Rigid Core Visuals

Posted on the 12/13/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Introducing our expanded selection of gluedown/rigid core crossover visuals from the pioneering Van Gogh range.  Among the latest rigid core additions are designs developed from Australasian woods merbau and kauri.

“Most Americans would have never been exposed to these woods in their natural form, yet they exhibit character with enduring American appeal,” Karndean Designflooring director of marketing Jenne Ross said.

The Van Gogh 7” x 48” range was first introduced in 2001 and over the past 20 years has evolved to meet market tastes and trends while continuing to showcase lasting style and performance. With an incredible replication of natural woods and textured emboss, Van Gogh continues to be a go-to range with flooring retailers and consumers alike.


top to bottom, left to right: Honey Oak SCB94, Rimu SCB49, Aged Kauri SCB51, Merbau SCB41, Christchurch Oak SCB54, Ebony SCB89

All Karndean rigid core products, including Van Gogh rigid core, feature our proprietary, 100% waterproof K-Core technology for installation over most existing hard floors, without the worry of exposing subfloor imperfections. Its acoustic foam backing helps to reduce noise transfer, making this product ideal for upper levels in the home, and does not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria. These planks are secured in place with a patented and proven click-locking mechanism.

Both gluedown and rigid core Van Gogh formats are finished with K-Guard+ surface protection, which uses polyurethane technology to provide a hygienic and durable surface– perfect for busy households. Its 20mil wear layer is suitable for commercial applications.

Learn more about the Van Gogh range.