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Glacier Oak is available in 56x9 planks (RL21) and 18x3 planks (SM-RL21)

Tips from the Table: Using the Look You Love in Different Sizes

Posted on the 3/27/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

In previous posts, we’ve explored determining which layout would work best in your space, and this post will take this concept a step further and explore how you can use the same color throughout multiple spaces in different sizes and patterns.

Why might you want to carry the same color through multiple spaces? Some prefer to keep the same color across an entire level of their home because it creates a cleaner overall look, especially in open floor layouts, but you can do this even if rooms are separated by walls. Continuing the same color in more than one space may sound like it limits your design creativity, like you may be required to lay the floor in only one direction, but it actually enhances it. To make this even easier, we offer our new Art Select Glacier Oak color in two sizes  – a full size 56” x 9” plank (RL21) and a smaller 18” x 3” “accent” plank (SM-RL21).  

Consider incorporating a pattern into a smaller room or to zone (section off) certain areas in an open space. You can use the accent plank in smaller rooms like bathrooms (above left), hallways or entryways and the full-size plank in larger rooms or open spaces. You could even incorporate both sizes into one design to create an area rug effect under a dining room table (below right) or on a staircase landing.

What’s most important is that you create a floor that reflects your style and completes your room or space. Other floor coverings have restrictions with how they can be laid down, but Karndean Designflooring is about creating opportunities for designability, so take advantage! Your Karndean Designflooring retailer can assist you with determining ways to incorporate patterns and sizes into your upcoming projects. To get started, find your local retailer!