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Life-long solutions for the cold

Life-long solutions for the cold

Posted on the 8/06/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

If walking on a cold floor in your home does not appeal to you, especially through winter as we become increasingly aware of temperature dips upon rising out of bed, then the feeling underfoot might be grabbing your attention more often over the season. Rugs and slippers certainly help. Although the question remains, how do we achieve warmth and cozy feelings when the brisk weather outdoors, begins to replicate our feeling inside beneath our feet?

Vinyl flooring options are neutral in terms of heat. Meaning they are not warm or cold underfoot. Selecting from our Korlok Rigid Core range might just be the practical solution you need with its quick and easy install methods for going straight over those pre-existing, super cold ceramic tiles this winter.

Image: Warm Spotted Gum RKP8118

Warming up with a timber look that denotes tones of blonde, beige, gold and brown will offer you ‘toasty’ all year round. Our Korlok Warm Spotted Gum and Warm Ash makes the perfect addition to any wintery cold space. Contemporary in is styling, both these on-trend hybrid product has quickly become our most popular Korlok colours. It’s certainly not hard to see why with its warm tropical beach inspired tones. 

Image: Warm Ash RKP8103

Thinking about colour, reflecting the perfect winter moods with our Stained Acacia planks that say "pair me with fluffy blankets and a cup of steaming spiced mulled wine!". Using cocoa-coloured browns, drawing colours from woodlands paired with soft rich fabrics will compliment these brilliant hues and textures offered by the Stained Acacia, giving your home a warm and calming mood. Or is it just the mulled merlot? 

Image: Stained Acacia RKP8213

These modern, warm selections are the perfect tones to evoke warmth during the cooler seasons for any contemporary home. Our thickest product yet at 6.5mm with a built-in acoustic underlay backed by our life-time warranty; Korlok is the perfect product to lay straight over your pre-existing flooring this winter and for a lifetime to come. 

In the meantime, share your own winter warmer inspirations on our Instagram page using the hashtag #karndeandesignflooring and tagging @karndean_anz

Check out the rest of our website for an even larger selection of flooring options to suit all needs and seasons.