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Dulux announces its Colour of the Year 2022

Posted on the 20/09/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Each year, the UK’s leading paint brand Dulux chooses a colour that reflects the mood of the moment. This year the Dulux design team wanted to reflect the benefits of the natural world on our wellbeing and the emotional rejuvenation we find in open landscapes and fresh air. They describe Bright Skies, their Colour of the Year 2022, as a “light, airy and optimistic blue that’s good for the soul”.

Colour plays an important role in how we feel. From the fresh green and blue shades on the cool side of the spectrum which inspire a sense of calm, the energetic yellow and red shades on the warmer side to fresh invigorating whites, the colours we fill our homes with will influence our happiness and outlook on life.

UK BLOG RESI Bright Skies BC.jpg
Image credit: Dulux Colour of the Year 2022 Bright Skies

Chosen as a shade that reflects the current desire to embrace our new found freedoms and to rediscover an optimism for a brighter future, Bright Skies is a fresh, cool shade that promises to revitalise your home and bring the outdoors in.

We look at five popular interior trends to help you introduce this beautiful shade into your own home.


Characterised by simplicity and clean lines, Scandi is an elegant style that gives a sense of space and light. By incorporating pastel tones we can refresh a Scandi scheme with a sense of playfulness. Coordinate walls in Bright Skies with soft furnishings and accessories in lavender and baby pink for a fun and cheerful update.

UK BLOG RESI Bright Skies Country Oak BC.jpg
Above image features Country Oak from our Van Gogh collection available in a gluedown and rigid core fitting format.


Often we think of a minimalist interior as one that is devoid of colour and containing the absolute minimum of furnishing to provide a relaxing escape from the busyness of modern life. If you yearn for a minimalist interior but find pure white walls too stark, the cool tones of Bright Skies will offer restrained simplicity without being dull.


Another pared back style that is helping us create a calm serene home, industrial design is inspired by commercial spaces and features raw materials, concrete, exposed brickwork and polished metalwork. The fresh tones of Bright Skies makes this an ideal choice for an industrial look, perhaps used to pick out an activity zone such as the kitchen area in open plan home.

UK BLOG RESI Bright Skies Metro Grey BC.jpg
Above image features Metro Grey from our Korlok collection. 


 The perfect style for these uncertain times, cottagecore has a gentle lived in vibe to help us embrace a slower pace with the romantic aesthetics of country life. Using Bright Skies on walls or ceilings gives the feel of open skies that will transport us to the countryside, even if we live in a city centre. To complete the look, combine with other natural shades and floral patterns for furniture, textiles and accessories.

Express your individuality 

Bright Skies is a light-hearted shade that lends itself to being combined in fun combinations. Why not pair Bright Skies with its lighter or darker tints in an ombre effect, gradually blending shades from the skirting board up to and over the ceiling. Alternatively for a fun scheme that lifts the spirits, pair Bright Skies with other pastel shades or to add lighter highlights to bolder vibrant hues of complementary mauve or contrasting yellow.

UK BLOG RESI Bright Skies Clifton 04 BC.jpg
Above image features Clifton from our Heritage Collection.

Have you chosen Bright Skies for your home? Share your project with us on Instagram and Facebook at #Karndeanlife