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One living room three different looks

Posted on the 17/09/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

In rooms where we spend a lot of time, it’s nice to have a change of style every now and again. With a neutral scheme and hard wearing materials, you can create a space with good bones onto which you can build an interesting look that is also easy to update with the seasons by introducing different accessories.

Here a cool, fresh contemporary space has been created with a base palette of grey shades. A pale hue has been chosen to give the walls a receding effect for a sense of spaciousness and this has been balanced with mid-grey tones on the woodwork. The coordinating light blue-grey tones of Shadow Oak flooring from our updated Van Gogh collection introduces texture and a muted weathered interest. With subtle cross-sawn markings for a slightly rustic touch and a larger plank for a generous feeling of space, Shadow Oak’s smooth tone is the perfect choice for an adaptable neutral base on which to build your unique style.

We look at how introducing different accessories to this neutral base changes its personality, from relaxing pastel blue and green tones to creative touches of Moroccan elegance and an optimistic neon colour explosion.

Above image features VGW124T Shadow Oak

Relax with neo-mint

Here soft pastel shades of blue and green have been introduced for a feeling of hope and confidence. With comforting accessories such as soft cushions and cosy throws and a gallery of family photos on the wall, this is a space where you can relax and let go of the stresses of the day. To complete the look, airy white curtains have been chosen to allow natural light to stream into the room, while greenery and cut flowers bring the outdoors inside for all the benefits of being immersed in the natural world.

Above image features VGW124T Shadow Oak

Be inspired by exotic Morocco

In this variation a quirky yet elegant scheme evokes memories of the heat and spice of the north African coast. Harmonious touches of warm and welcoming burnt orange, red and gold hues have been paired with elaborate metalwork and hanging lights in traditional Moorish patterns. Iconic geometric patterns have been introduced with an eclectic collection of cushions, while woven accessories and biological prints of insects add extra layers of interest.

Above image features VGW124T Shadow Oak

Be bold with pops of neon

Introducing accessories in bright shades is sure to bring a cheerful and energising feel to your room. Here pendant lighting, velvet cushions and fun pop art in contrasting bold shades of yellow and pink have been chosen to add a playful atmosphere and lift the spirits. To create your own version of this upbeat style simply choose one or more of your favourite bold neon shades and experiment with a mix and match of accessories to suit your own taste.

These are just three options for styling a neutral grey scheme but the possibilities are endless. How would you style this space? Join the conversation on Instagram or save these designs to your Pinterest board.

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