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Ten beautiful floors to update your home

Posted on the 13/11/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

Flooring is a major factor in the design of your home so it makes sense to spend a bit of time making sure that the flooring you choose will beautifully complement your desired style and offer a practical, hardwearing surface. 

With design options available to suit all tastes, a Karndean floor will set off your interior scheme to perfection and keep its good looks for years to come. Here are just some of the most popular looks you can achieve with our flexible flooring designs.

1. Minimalist

Relax with the beauty of clean lines and airy spaciousness of a minimalist design. To highlight an open layout and lack of clutter, choose a pale neutral flooring with subtle detailing and gentle texture to effortlessly inspire a sense of tranquillity. We recommend our Van Gogh range of light oak designs such as Blush Oak or a cool limestone design such as Opus Fumo

2. Monochrome

Timeless and versatile, a monochrome scheme is always stylish and easy on the eye. For an on-trend palette of grey shades why not explore the unobtrusive limestone look of Korlok Metro Grey or the distressed timber tones of LooseLay Longboard French Grey Oak. For a more classic look, a checkerboard combination of black and white tiles with our Opus Luna and Nero is sure to make an elegant statement.

3. Industrial

Inspired by converted industrial buildings, an industrial style home can be achieved with a combination of clean lines, exposed brickwork and polished metals set off with a cool colour palette. For an industrial style flooring that is beautiful yet also practical and warm underfoot, why not look to our selection of poured and sealed concrete designs such as Opus Urbus or LooseLay Colorado.

4. Scandi 

Designed to maximise the internal light levels in northern climates, the ever popular Scandi style is characterised by pale, limewashed wood flooring that complements a neutral colour palette and slender furniture. Our Knight Tile range includes a beautiful selection of pine and washed oak designs that would be ideal for a Scandi home, from the lightest Washed Scandi Pine to the warm tones of [Pale Limed Oak].

5. Herringbone

This elegant laying pattern is showing no signs of going out of fashion and is a great way to add texture and a sense of flow to your home. Ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors, our Art Select range offers designs in small tile sizes that look stunning laid in herringbone pattern, from the classic look of Morning Oak to the more modern vibes of Mountain Oak. Now making it possible to create this look over an uneven sub-floor, our latest Van Gogh collection includes a range of herringbone designs in a rigid core format. 

Above image features SBW-RL12 Storm Oak


An intricately patterned wood flooring that is perfect for period properties, our Art Select parquet range also offers a basketweave pattern in the natural blond tones of Spring Oak and on-trend cool grey palette of Storm Oak. For an interesting room to room look why not combine a basketweave pattern in one space with matching full sized planks in adjoining spaces and add the finishing touch with an elegant border.

7. Rustic charm

Country life is top of everyone’s wish list these days, but even if you live in the city you can achieve the warmth of a rustic cottage with one of our wide selection of handcrafted oak designs. You could recreate a casual seaside feel with Da Vinci Driftwood or a farmhouse kitchen with a soothing slate design such as Art Select Melbourne. For a cosy country style sitting room the rich tones of Van Gogh Salvaged Barnwood will add an authentic feel of reclaimed floorboards.

Above image features SP219 Casablanca

8. Geometric

A patterned floor can make small spaces feel bigger and create a statement in larger areas. Recreate the elegance of Victorian and Regency tiled floor designs with the iconic patterns of our Heritage Collection or add a quirky touch to a contemporary interior with our Kaleidoscope range of unique geometric designs, including cubes, hexagons, chevrons and woven patterns. With these highly flexible ranges you can create an impressive floor in your own choice of gently coordinating combinations or bold contrasting shades. 

9. Abstract

Introduce a touch of the exotic into your home with an abstract patterned floor. Our Kaleidoscope designs Casablanca and Marrakesh feature iconic Moorish patterns with a patchwork arrangement of geometric forms, curves and crests that are ideal for adding interest to monochrome rooms. Create a statement using one of these stunning designs in a rug effect or as the central design feature of a sleek modern bathroom.

10. Bespoke

The real beauty of Karndean flooring is that an authentic look of natural materials comes with a versatility that allows you to create a floor design that is unique to you. Whether you choose to combine complementary or contrasting tiles in a random laying pattern, add a hand cut feature design or create your own bespoke design, a Karndean floor will ensure that your home truly reflects your personality.

Once you’ve decided on the look you’d like to achieve, our Floor visualisation tool makes it easy to see how different floors would look in your home. Simply upload a photo of your room and explore our extensive range of wood, stone and abstract designs in gluedown, rigid core or loose lay formats. Then order up to six free samples so that you can experience the beauty of our flooring in situ.

Try Floorstyle and design at home.