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Update your home for post-lockdown life

Posted on the 08/06/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

As lockdown starts to ease and we find a ‘new normal’, this is a great time to think about how your home can help you and your family navigate a changing way of life.

Over recent months many of us have been living in our homes differently. We have spent much more time inside and these personal spaces have been a sanctuary where we can safely tuck ourselves away from the uncertainty of the wider world. We have carved out spaces within our homes for working, studying and exercising and we have found comfort at home with new skills such as baking and breadmaking, enjoyed romantic date nights and kept in touch with family and friends with online quizzes and cocktail nights.

But being at home so much has also highlighted aspects of our homes that we are less satisfied with. Perhaps you have a room that is no longer meeting your family’s needs and is looking tired and dated. The open plan living space that was so convenient when children were little may be causing stress and frustration now everyone is trying to use the same space to work from home, study, play or watch TV.

Above image features VGW107T Blush Oak

While major building alterations might be hold, retailers are beginning to reopen stores so now is a great time to give your décor a positive vibe that will support your family during this transition time.

To create a calming atmosphere to soothe nerves and support wellbeing we recommend choosing a cool neutral colour palette for a clean, fresh look. Scandi styles offer plenty of inspiration to achieve this relaxing look, including the handcrafted artisan look of Scandicraft, the pared back minimalism of Japandi and the pretty pastel shades of Sugared Scandi. A key feature of Scandi homes is bringing in the outside world so selecting materials that give a natural look and adding houseplants and fresh flowers is sure to bring a peaceful organic feel.

Above image features AP07 Storm Oak

If you prefer a more exuberant maximalist style, consider combining brighter shades with quirky accessories for a light-hearted fun interior. Introducing pops of colour such as yellow and green in accessories and soft furnishings will add an optimistic, happy aspect, while choosing vivid colours such as cerise, teal or mustard together can create a tropical vibe reminiscent of beach holidays. Nostalgic trends inspired by past eras, such as chintz and geometrics, also offer endless possibilities for interesting themes using bold hues and patterns that are bound to lift spirits.

One thing the pandemic has certainly highlighted is the importance of hygiene in the home. To create a fresh new look for your home that also keeps your family safe, it’s important to choose materials that are easy to clean. Unlike carpet or natural wood, the non-porous surface of Karndean flooring means that dust, bacteria and viruses can’t find anywhere to hide. So, as well as offering stunning looks that will last for years to come, your floor can be kept hygienically clean with a mop and our specially formulated Karndean Clean.

To find inspiration for a new optimistic look in your home, why not find your preferred retail partner?