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Stone design flooring

Handcrafted floors with the unique style of stone

Combining comfort with timeless elegance

Our collection of beautiful stone designs will bring instant appeal to any living space without any of the practical drawbacks of a natural stone floor.

Get the latest look in your home with the classic sophistication of intricate limestone, travertine or marble, the contemporary rural vibe of slate or the industrial minimalism of poured concrete or weathered steel. Exquisite and intriguing, each stone designs brings its own unique story to your home.


Karndean flooring is more hygienic than natural stone and shrugs off dirt and spills, making it the ideal choice for families and pets. Featuring a waterproof protective PU coating, our flooring won’t harbour allergens or microbes and is easy to clean.

Easy maintenance

Our flooring is easy to care for with a simple sweep and mop. Unlike natural stone which is notorious for chipping and cracking because of its rigid structure, Karndean flooring offers a durable surface that won’t require regular treatment to keep it looking its best.

Comfortable underfoot

Karndean flooring is surprisingly warm and comfortable underfoot so you can introduce the latest look of stone into your home but with a much warmer, more tactile surface. Not only that, our flooring is much forgiving when things get dropped.

Underfloor heating

All Karndean Designflooring products are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems up to 27° C. For more information, see our FAQs.