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Floors in Fall Colors

Posted on the 2019-10-21 by Karndean Designflooring

Seasonal beverages and sweater weather aside, many people love autumn for the rich and beautiful colours of the fall foliage – from copper to crimson. The fall colour palette provided by nature may even be the inspiration behind your interior style – nature is certainly the inspiration behind our one-of-a-kind luxury vinyl flooring designs! You may be drawn to these generally warm tones because they’re inviting and evoke coziness, similar to how curling up next to the fireplace on a cold day is warm and comforting. Let us inspire you with our fall flooring colour palette!


[Autumn Oak RL03]: It’s only fitting that we call special attention to our Autumn Oak. Its auburn tones bring the glow of the fall season to any room, creating a sense of warmth enhanced by its distinctive, hand-scraped texture.

[Single Smoked Acacia RP104]: Developed from acacia, a wood known for its smooth grain detailing, Single Smoked Acacia replicates the striking rustic look of smoked wood in a rich red-brown.

[Burnished Beech VGW97T]: For a more understated warm fall floor, Burnished Beech has a base colour of dark chocolate brown, accented by warmer undertones. This versatile shade translates to both traditional and contemporary home style, adding a quality of elegance to your home.

[Blended Oak RP95]: As the name suggests, Blended Oak has a combination of varying warm and olive tones, resulting in a balanced floor that will certainly coordinate with other fall colours. Featuring a primarily mid-brown hue and striking grain, this colour is perfect for practically any interior style.

[English Character Oak RKP8115]: English Character Oak has a beautiful golden wheat colour, reminiscent of the grains we use in fall and Thanksgiving décor.


[Iron Ore CER12]: Inspired by weathered steel, its blend of deep ochre and rust tones perfectly captures the dramatic patterning created during oxidation.

[Melbourne LM05]: With a swirling combination of mid-grays, orange and earthy browns, Melbourne’s slate design is the perfect backdrop for your fall décor.

These are simply a small selection of our flooring options that feature warm and welcoming colour tones. If your interior design scheme calls for an earthy floor, view additional design and colour options by browsing our full selection of products!