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2019 Is Looking Up

Posted on the 2019-06-06 by Karndean Designflooring

When decorating your space, don’t forget about that large blank canvas directly above your head – the ceiling! Take advantage of this often forgotten about area in your home by adding various design elements to draw the eyes up. There are numerous ways you can decorate your ceiling, so we have narrowed down our top three favourite ceiling trends that’ll surely have 2019 looking up!

Painted Ceilings – An Easy Fix

Looking for a simple fix that’ll make all the difference in your space? Then painting your ceilings is the way to go! Try choosing a neutral colour like soft beige with pink hues for your walls, but don’t stop painting there! Take this colour right up to your ceiling to create a cozier atmosphere, perfect for a living room or bedroom. We chose Glacier Oak a fresh soft white floor with pink undertones as it complements the lighter tones in the ceiling, thus creating a soothing space to relax.

Looking for more impact? Try a lighter colour on your walls, and a darker colour on the ceiling, this creates a high ceiling effect. Designers are loving this trick to making your room look larger without having to spend money to raise your roof!

RL21 Glacier Oak & Pinterest

Make a Statement with Ceiling Wallpaper

Now that easy-peel wallpaper exists (game changer!) upgrading your ceiling has never been easier. This design tip is perfect for the homeowner who is constantly looking to change up their space, but doesn’t want to put their life on hold to do so. A style tip: draw attention to the bold wallpaper on your ceiling and by using clean lines, neutral tones, and minimalistic décor throughout the rest of your space. When entering your room, eyes will be drawn up to the beautiful spectacle above.

Pinterest & Pinterest

Add Warmth with Exposed Ceiling Beams

The verdict is in - exposed ceiling beams will never go out of style. This is a great way of adding an extra design element into your space, while taking up little to no room! Complimenting both modern and traditional interiors alike, exposed ceiling beams are versatile and can work in just about any home. The modern all white room is simple and elegant; by adding exposed ceiling beams, the warm brown tones will compliment your white walls with a subtle pop! Another way to incorporate white in your home is through your floors. Try a shipdecking laying pattern to give a linear clean base for your space, showcased here using Textum and white design strips. For an eclectic interior, pair our Textum floor with dark exposed ceiling beams for warmth, then add in a bold printed wallpaper to bring the entire look together!

WP331 Textum & Pinterest

The options are endless, with numerous design elements and colours to pick from we know 2019 will be looking up! For more interior design inspiration, check out our Instagram @Karndean_Canada!