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Get the European look with LooseLay Longboard

Posted on the 9/05/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Whether you’re trying to create a multi-purpose space to accommodate the whole family, or an exclusive pied-à-terre, get inspired by our latest collection of European wood designs when planning your next design project. 

New to the LooseLay Longboard range is our Pure Fabric Oak and Shadow Fabric Oak. Harnessing the striking cross-saw markings of the original European oak boards, each design showcases a layered ‘fabric’ texture with neutral mid-tones that make it ideal for home decorators looking for a contemporary grey floor. 

Design Tip:
Consider a herringbone lay to add extra subtle character to a neutral space.


As well as being quick and easy to install with its K-Wave friction grip backing, our new LooseLay Longboard collection offers an array of European inspired wood effects, perfect for any interior style.

If you’re looking for true character, why not consider a deep charcoal palette? It will work particularly well in large, open plan kitchen and dining spaces. Inspired by original European Oak, Raven Oak (pictured below) features a mix of intricate grain patterns. By teaming it with white cabinets and furniture, our product designers have created a characterful, but moody, monochrome interior. 

Design tip:
 Use subtle pops of colour to bring character to a monochrome space.

For a softer interpretation, look to Twilight Oak (pictured below) with its mid-grey hues. Popular in European interior design, grey and neutral tones work extremely well in open-plan rooms, giving the illusion of more space. Introduce clean, subtle pastels to bring sophistication to your interior style. 

Design tip:
 Make the most of your space with an extra-long plank design, like our LooseLay Longboard and its unique 1.5 metre format. 

If you’re a fan of reclaimed materials, you’ll love the inspiration behind our Pearl, French Grey and Champagne Oaks, with each design replicating the individual knots and grains of aging French oak boards recovered from the heart of Loire Valley

Design tip:
 Achieve a consistent feel within a studio layout with a single floor design. Look to add colour with a statement wall to break up your space. 

If you prefer a more classic look, opt for a warmer design, such as Champagne Oak. With traditional European décor featuring intricate architectural details and elegant furnishings against deep wood tones, we’re seeing a move towards the 'contemporary classic' style for a warm, homely interior. 

Design tip:
 Pair cherished gold and black furniture against the light tone hues of our Champagne Oak for a modern vintage feel.

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