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Clifton CLIF-01  surrounding the bar and Salvaged Chestnut EW22 in the rest of the restaurant

Heritage Collection

Opus Heritage Collection icon

The Heritage Collection features exquisite designs that embody the pinnacle of designed floors, a concept that lies at the heart of Karndean Designflooring.

Black and white Clifton Heritage floors in front of a bar with tables on a Salvaged Chestnut floors

Inspired by geometric tiled floors found in grand Victorian and Regency landmarks, each design has been developed to capture the opulence of these traditional English architectural styles and patterns. The monochromatic and bold palettes available within this collection complement classic spaces and contemporary interiors alike. 

Hallway with entry table, door, and Mayfair floors

Whether you wish to recreate the origional character of an elegant period interior or are in search of a striking modern floor, the Heritage Collection will give you a unique, eye-catching statment floor with all the practicle benefits of Karndean Designflooring luxury vinyl.