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North American Oak RCP6533 in an office lobby

Flooring for Government Facilities

From community centers to courthouses, Karndean Designflooring easy-to-install luxury vinyl will keep your government project on budget while meeting sustainability goals.

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Low Maintenance

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Quick and easy to install

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Maintain a professional environment with the added durability and visual creativity allowed by Karndean Designfloorig luxury vinyl. Our floors are ideal for creating zonal areas and pathways that create a custom look for your facility while guiding community members through the space.


All government entities are required to adhere to strict compliance criteria. Our strategic partnerships ensure that step is taken care of, taking the guesswork out and making the process faster and easier.


As a public space, the health and safety of the public is of the utmost importance. FloorScore certified low-voc products, CHPS compliant, EPDs.


Most are high-traffic spaces, so products have to withstand the test of constant wear and tear.

No downtime

Closing facilities isn’t an option, so products that can be installed without disruption and maintained by on-site staff are important.


We currently partner with Sourcewell