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Education Flooring

Durable and low maintenance Karndean Designflooring helps you to create safe and inspiring educational environments for students of all ages.

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Low Maintenance

Karndean’s stylish, durable and low maintenance flooring helps you to create a safe and inspiring educational environment in which students can learn and flourish. Karndean Designflooring is a practical and resilient choice for universities, school districts and local day cares.

Helping to create a safe student learning environment

Our realistic wood and stone floor effect ranges have a low volatile organic compound rating meeting the strictest environmental regulations by carrying a FloorScore® Indoor Air Quality certification and recognition by California Department of Public Health’s CAL 1350 standard. Our adhesives are free from harmful emissions.

Flooring to meet hygienic and anti-allergen needs

A growing number of educational institutions now need to provide hygienic and anti-allergen environments for their students such as in halls or residence facilities. Karndean Designflooring is an ideal choice because unlike many carpet and textile floor coverings, it won’t harbor dirt or dust mites. It is also easy, quick and inexpensive to maintain.

Durable flooring for high traffic areas

You can recommend Karndean Designflooring for high traffic areas including corridors as well as in high wear and tear environments such as classrooms and laboratories, knowing that it’ll last for years. All Karndean floors benefit from our K-Guard+ surface protection, which uses PU technology to provide a hygienic and durable finish that will protect your floor for years to come.

Quick and easy to install

If you’re looking for products that are quick and easy to install, look no further than LooseLay. In addition to a quick installation, this range features impressive acoustical ratings, reducing noise transfer by up to 16dB, ideal for multi-story buildings including vertical campuses and dormitories.