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Washed Character Oak KP144 in a bar lounge

Knight Tile

Effortlessly Stylish with Universal Appeal

The Knight Tile range is filled with effortlessly stylish American classics that have universal appeal. Offering a diverse mix of wood species and natural stones, each color is available in gluedown and rigid core formats.

Two of our Knight Tile designs are available in 48” x 9” chevron planks, allowing for a quick and easy-to-install incorporation of pattern. Lay the chevron planks on their own or together with the corresponding 36” x 6” planks.

Choose the format that fits your project in a color that suits the space.


Which format is right for my project?

Knight Tile gluedown range icon
Knight Tile Gluedown

No expansion gap icon
No expansion
gap required
Utility knife icon
Icon with stacks of coins
Suitable for
any budget
Decorative borders icon
Personalize with
design strips

Gluedown ranges provide peace of mind that planks will be permanently adhered to your subfloor. This format gives you various lay patterns to choose from and the ability to personalize the direction, create a pattern or use design strips to create an inlay border or grouted effect. Learn more about using our design components.


Knight Tile rigid core range icon
Knight Tile Rigid Core

Stopwatch icon
Quick and easy
to install
Plank icon
Floats over
existing hard
Covers subfloor imperfections icon
Hides subfloor
Sound icon
Reduces noise

Rigid core is a type of floating floor that clicks and locks into place, no adhesive necessary. Our rigid core planks can be installed directly over most existing hard floors, perfect for a quick project. Our rigid core stones feature a painted bevel for added definition between tiles. Learn more about the Benefits of Rigid Core.

You may even choose to carry the same color throughout multiple areas of a space in different formats. For example, you can enjoy the designability of gluedown on the ground level and the acoustic properties of rigid core in upper levels.


How do the two formats compare?

Gluedown   Rigid Core 
36" x 6"
48" x 9"
Plank Size 36" x 6"
48" x 9"
12" x 18" Tile Size 12" x 18"
12 mil Wear Layer 12 mil
2mm Thickness 4.5mm
 Non-beveled Bevel Wood:
Painted bevel
10 Years Commercial Warranty 10 Years
Begins with KP,
ST or CH
Product Code Begins with SCB
 26 Available Colors 26

Explore the Knight Tile Gluedown range or the Knight Tile Rigid Core range.