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2021 New Product Introductions

Discover the Latest in Luxury Vinyl with Karndean Designflooring

In 2021, new 20mil rigid core products join our expansive commercial portfolio of luxury vinyl floors with updates to our Van Gogh, Korlok Select and Korlok Reserve rigid core ranges. Each of our rigid core products is equipped with waterproof K-Core® technology for installation over most existing floors and a pre-attached acoustic backing that helps reduce noise transfer to rooms below. 



Van Gogh Rigid Core Range Icon

Van Gogh Rigid Core

Lecture hall with images of clothing store and living room in overlaid diamonds

Additional colors from our iconic Van Gogh gluedown range will be available in a dual 20mil rigid core format later this year for a total of 20 gluedown/rigid core crossover colors. Our waterproof K-Core® technology allows for these treasured designs and colors to be installed even more quickly, as planks can be floated over most existing hard surface floors. 

Van Gogh rigid core products will share the same designs as their gluedown counterparts in 4.5mm thick, 48” x 7” planks that offer superior acoustic qualities in their rigid core format.

Explore our current selection of Van Gogh rigid core products. 


Korlok Select range icon

Korlok Select

University lobby with images of senior living hallway and university library in overlaid diamonds

With the expansion of Korlok Select, our premier 20mil rigid core range later this year, you’ll have additional colors and sizes to choose from, each design with a soul and a story. New visuals to join the range were developed from woods in the Scottish Highlands and Baltic Oak, and includes the addition of 24” x 6” herringbone planks in two existing colorways.

Korlok Select products feature the added security of a 5G® locking mechanism that’s backed by our HoldFast® 15-year Commercial Warranty. 

Korlok Select planks are 6.5mm thick and sized 56” x 9", with a selection available in a corresponding 24" x 6" herringbone format. 

Explore our current selection of Korlok Select products.


Korlok Reserve Range Icon

Korlok Reserve

Physical therapy space with images of an office and dentist in overlaid diamonds

Looking for rigid core wood designs with a soul and a story behind them for upcoming projects? New designs developed from American maple, elm and European sycamore will join the Korlok Reserve 20mil rigid core range later this year. American maple is naturally relatively straight grained and fine textured, but Karndean designers fumed boards of the wood to enhance its underlying features and create our new design. Other new visuals include a clean, yet characterful elm design that creates distinctive floors with depth and character; and the fine, close texture of European sycamore.

Korlok Reserve planks are 6.5mm thick and sized 48” x 7”. 

Explore our current selection of Korlok Reserve products.