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Lobby with Pearl Onyx LM35, Rose Onyx LM36 and Dove Artisan Oak RL30 designating a seating area

Art Select

Elevating LVT design to an artform

The Art Select collection elevates LVT design to an artform, combining hands-on craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to replicate wood and stone in striking detail.

Raising the bar for LVT

Beveled Edge icon

Karndean craftsmanship

From deep rounded bevels to handcrafted embossing, a 30 mil wear allows us to replicate wood and stone flooring with an unprecedented level of artistry.

wide range of designs icon

Air of opulence

Art Select offers luxurious stone looks, including designs inspired by Calacatta marble and the semi-precious gemstone onyx.  

Chain durability icon

Exceptional durability

With a 30 mil wear layer and K-Guard+® surface protection, Art Select is backed by a 20-year warranty.

Bar with Art Select gluedown wood and stone products

Two ways to install

Art Select is available in gluedown and rigid core, so you can choose based on project needs. 

Art Select gluedown icon   Art Select Gluedown

Gluedown LVT provides limitless design possibilities. Pieces can be cut and laid to create stylish custom installations or zoning and wayfinding.

  • Use with LVT design strips for greater design possibilities
  • Easy to lift and replace individual pieces
  • Seamless installations – no expansion gaps needed

See Art Select gluedown designs

Art Select rigid core icon   Art Select Rigid Core

Fast, easy installation: These click-and-lock “floating floors” can be installed over most hard subfloors – no adhesive required.

  • Minimal prep, less downtime and quicker turnaround
  • Quieter – backing reduces noise to lower floors by 22 dB
  • 5G® locking mechanism backed by HoldFast™ warranty

See Art Select rigid core designs

Gluedown Art Select Specs Rigid Core
36.0" x 6.0" | 56.0" x 9.0" | 48.0" x 7.0" |
48.0" x 4.50" | 28.0" x 4.50"
Plank Size 36.0" x 5.91" | 55.91" x 8.86" | 48.03" x 7.05" |
48.0" x 4.25" | 28.0" x 4.25"
18.0" x 18.0" | 18.0" x 36.0" | 18.0" x 24.0" Tile Size 18.0" x 18.0" | 18.0" x 36.0" | 17.99" x 23.62"
30 mil Wear Layer 30 mil
3 mm Thickness 7 mm
Lifetime Residential Warranty Lifetime
20 Years Commercial Warranty 20 Years
Begins with EW | RL | SM-RL | LM Product Code Begins with AKP- | AKT-