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Design Strips

Design strips are narrow pieces of luxury vinyl tile which can be installed between our gluedown planks and tiles.

Better Than Textured Grout

The beauty of our strips versus real grout is that they are nonporous, meaning they won’t stain, harbor bacteria or discolor over time and they don’t have to be sealed. Unlike textured grout, our design strips won’t crack with seasonal temperature fluctuations.

How Can You Use Design Strips?

Create a border or add a grout effect between tiles or planks.

Restaurant bar framed with a keyline border in design strips


ST17 tile with DS12 design strips to create a grouted look

Grouted Look

VGW71T wood floors with a design strip to create a shiplap look


Selection of Design Strips

Design Strips are available in both 3mm and 10mm widths and are compatible with all gluedown ranges.*

Vanilla DS01 Vanilla DS01 design strip
Honey DS03 Honey DS03 design strip
Coffee DS04 Coffee DS04 design strip
Russet DS05 Russet DS05 design strip
Chocolate DS06  Chocolate DS06 design strip
Ebony DS07 Ebony DS07 design strip
Carbon Cross Grain DS09 Carbon cross grain DS09 design strip
Chalk DS10 Chalk DS10 design strip
Concrete DS12 Concrete DS12 design strip
Clay DS15 Clay DS15 design strip
Charcoal DS16 Charcoal DS16 design strip
Silver DS17 Silver DS17 design strip
Sand DS20 Sand DS13 design strip
Graphite DS22* Graphite DS22 design strip

*Graphite DS22 can only be used with Knight Tile gluedown products.

Grout Strips

Grout Strips are 3mm wide and compatible with all gluedown ranges except Van Gogh.

Beige AF06 Beige AF06 grout strip
Ivory AF05 Ivory AF05 grout strip
Taupe AF04 Taupe AF04 grout strip
Brown AF02 Brown AF02 grout strip
Chestnut AF07 Chestnut AF07 grout strip
Black AF01 Black AF01 grout strip

Can't find your desired color or texture of strip?

These strips are standard designs, which are always available, but if you're looking for something completely unique to your project, contact your Commercial Business Manager for custom options.