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Natural Hickory EW10

Natural Hickory offers a lighter colour plank with a natural untreated appearance. Available in a large format 56” x 9” plank, the contrasting pale sandy tones of the outer sapwood stand out against the darker heartwood to create a striking and attractive look in any space. With a new emboss featuring subtle cross-sawn marks found in the reclaimed timber, Natural Hickory retains the warm golden hues of the natural wood giving a beautiful authentic finish to commercial interiors.

  • 21 Design strips available

  • 5 Borders available

More information

Karndean Designflooring is easy and cost effective to clean and maintain. Regular mopping using 100% biodegradable surfactants is all that’s required to keep surfaces free of dirt and grime.

LVT is resistant to non-corrosive liquids and staining and resists moisture and temperature variations, resulting in no shrinkage, expanding or curling. Karndean’s grout effect design strips don’t discolour, unlike ceramic tile grout.

Should any part of the floor become damaged, the individual tile and plank format facilitates quick replacement of individual damaged tiles and wood planks.

Visit our Cleaning and Maintenance page for more information including details of Karndean’s proprietary cleaning products.

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