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Storm Oak RL12

Developed from English Oak, a popular flooring choice known for its clean design, our Storm Oak design features cool gray tones which add a contemporary touch to this much-loved style. Complete with a matte handscraped emboss, this design provides a neutral base around which you can create a neutral and modern commercial setting.

  • 24 Design strips available

More information

Karndean Designflooring offers commercial project specifiers one of the most flexible range of design options in the contract flooring market.

Each flooring range has a variety of 3mm and 5mm design, feature and grout strips that can be used to replicate the grout of ceramic floor tiles or gaps between natural stone or wood flooring.

Design strips can also be used as borders around the edge of rooms, around key features such as reception desks and store payment zones or to edge walkways and corridors. Borders can be created as keylines, tramlines or combinations of different strip widths. Many of the 3mm and 5mm strips are also available in wider 10mm widths specifically for borders.

Add a design strip to your floor

Carbon Cross Grain DS09

Chocolate DS06

Graphite DS22

Silver DS17



Sand DS20


Feather DS24

Charcoal DS16

Grey feature strip


Light brown feature strip


Concrete DS12

Chestnut AF07

Coffee DS04

Russet DS05

Beige Feature strip


Vanilla DS01

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