How-to gluedown installation

Gluedown Installation

Gluedown Installation


Cutting a plank at a 45 degree angle – Gluedown

See just how simple it is to cut Karndean gluedown LVT planks at a 45-degree angle.




Cutting and fitting a plank to a wall – Gluedown

Watch and see how quickly you can cut and fit Karndean gluedown planks to a wall.




Cutting and fitting a tile with design strips to a wall – Gluedown

Occasionally, the installation of Karndean gluedown tiles will also call for the use of design strips to create a grouted look. See how to fit a tile with design strips against a wall.




Fitting a plank at a 45 degree angle to a border – Gluedown

This video demonstrates how to cut and fit a gluedown plank up to a full plank border.




Download a PDF of our Gluedown Installation Instructions.


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