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Opus Abstracts


About Karndean Designflooring


Karndean Designflooring is a global supplier of commercial and residential luxury vinyl tile flooring. With 50 years of experience specializing in luxury vinyl flooring, we’ve built a reputation on original visuals, quality and durability.



Vast portfolio of more than 300 wood, stone and abstract visuals.


Gluedown, loose lay and rigid core product constructions across varied sizes and specifications.


Products are categorized into ranges based on wear layer (12mil, 20mil or 30mil), format (gluedown, loose lay and rigid core), and edge (beveled, micro bevel, non-beveled).


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New Opus Abstracts


SP720, SP724 and SP734 in a lobby


Part of the 20mil Opus gluedown product range, our new capsule collection of abstract visuals redefines traditional trends from the Italian Renaissance, including terrazzo, natural pigments, poured and speckled concretes, mixed media and Venetian stucco.


All can be integrated with existing Opus products for aesthetic and functional purposes, including the incorporation of pattern, wayfinding and zoning.


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