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Using Karndean LooseLay in Planned Removal Spaces

Posted on the 5/3/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

From retail pop-up shops to trade show booths, there are a variety of commercial settings that call for a floor that can be put down and removed easily. However, there are not many types of flooring solutions that meet this need, are reusable, look good, and are durable enough to withstand foot traffic - but Karndean LooseLay meets all of these criteria.

Like all Karndean Designfloors, planks and tiles within our loose lay ranges (Karndean LooseLay and LooseLay Longboard) feature original visuals. Unique to Karndean LooseLay is that these products are even quicker and easier to install and feature our K-Wave® friction grip backing that holds the product in place using a combination of weight and friction; and therefore, may not require a full-spread of adhesive in small or temporary applications. Simply lay these products over a smooth, flat, dry and dust-free subfloor. Refer to our installation instructions for additional information.



Vermont LLT217

Although carpet can be rolled up and re-used, it can trap dirt, dust mites and other allergens. Not only are our floors easy to clean with a pH neutral cleaner, but they are hygienic – one reason our loose lay products are frequently specified in healthcare environments. Our products carry a FloorScore® Indoor Air Quality certification for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are in compliance with the California Section 1350 Program. 

Karndean LooseLay products have a 20mil wear layer suitable for commercial applications, are backed by a 15-year commercial warranty and feature our K-Guard+® surface protection. So whether these floors are down for a weekend, a few months or 15 years, they can withstand frequent move ins and outs along with foot traffic.


Shadow Fabric Oak LLP331

Our loose lay planks and tiles are individual and multi-directional, meaning they can be laid in a variety of patterns including a herringbone. You could even create a pattern using planks and tiles together or blend multiple colors together.

Design your loose lay floor using our Floorstyle visualizer!