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Corporate Design Considerations

Posted on the 7/25/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

As businesses start the process of welcoming employees back into the office, now is the time to consider how workplace design can support the “new normal” post COVID-19 and provide a safe working environment that complies with updated regulations.

Flexible Workstation Options


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With social distancing a requirement for reopening corporate offices, and with employees likely to be wary of close physical proximity, flexible seating arrangements can offer long-term solutions and put employees at ease. From splitting up groups of desks to removing seating from more densely populated lounge areas, you can eliminate any guesswork for employees on whether they are six feet apart.

Zone Open Layouts

Support social distancing in open layouts with flooring designs that clearly identify zones for individual workstations and those for shared spaces or meeting areas. Use contrasting colors, wood and stone visuals or different laying patterns to separate these spaces.

Directional Wayfinding

You may choose to design new office spaces with one-way entrances and exits or corridors. Our individual gluedown and loose lay planks and tiles allow you to incorporate subtle, yet intuitive pattern that indicates the proper direction of employee circulation.

Physical Barriers


Photo from EisnerAmper Case Study

In open layouts, you may need to incorporate cubicles or other types of dividers to keep foot traffic in some areas to a minimum, for added employee peace of mind. In new builds, office designs are moving away from open concepts in favor of closed off workspaces.

Supporting Wellbeing

Employee wellness has taken on increased significance since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The human need to feel a connection to nature has been an important factor in reducing stress. Large windows that allow for plenty of natural light and the use of natural materials and plants throughout the workplace are a few ways to bring biophilic benefits into the workplace and improve employee mental wellbeing.

Natural Walnut WP326

Hygienic Surfaces

The use of antimicrobial, easy to clean surface materials are a key factor in maintaining a safe working environment that builds employee confidence. Unlike carpet tile and other surfaces, Karndean LVT does not trap dirt or dust and its K-Guard+® surface protection provides a durable and hygienic finish that is easy to clean. Routine maintenance with our Karndean Clean solution will safely kill and remove germs, effectively killing COVID-19 on the floor’s surface.

While adjusting to post COVID-19 design may sound restrictive, there are still plenty of ways to showcase your design savvy and creative a stunning workplace. Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration!