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Pairing Karndean Floors with the 2021 Colors of the Year

Posted on the 12/15/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

With 2020 having been such a stressful year, we are looking to 2021 with optimism and hope. As so many of us are spending more time at home, maybe you’re looking to incorporate a “homey” feel into your next project. This need for calm is a running theme in the major paint companies’ choices for 2021 color of the year. We share our top picks for Karndean Designfloors to complement your chosen colors, across all our product formats.

Benjamin Moore: Agean Teal

Agean Teal by Benjamin Moore breaks from the true blues of 2020, blending blue, green and gray for an “intriguing midtone that creates natural harmony.”  


Left photo courtesy Benjamin Moore. Bottom row (top-bottom, left-right): Dune CER15, Canadian Urban Oak RKP8116, Neutral Oak LLP307, Grey Limed Oak KP138.

To keep the atmosphere light, Karndean pairings include clean-lined visuals in lighter natural tones that allow Agean Teal to take the spotlight. Grey Limed Oak KP138 (also available in rigid core SCB-KP138) was limed and colored to feature an array of gray tones; LooseLay Longboard Neutral Oak LLP307 has a slightly distressed look and lightly brushed surface texture that will not distract from the paint color; Canadian Urban Oak RKP8116 features more blond and light brown tones.

If you plan to pair Agean Teal with a stone look, consider the timeless look of limestone with Dune CER15.

PPG Paints Palette

PPG Paints is also keeping the mood light in 2021; but instead of choosing one color, the company has created a palette of three colors: Misty Aqua, Transcend and Big Cypress. “Transcend, is a midtone oatmeal-colored hue that draws on earthy influences and nostalgia. The antidote to an era of cool greys, this cozy neutral emulates the feeling of a warm latte on a cool morning, or warm sand on a sunny summer day. Big Cypress, a shaded ginger with persimmon undertones, is the equivalent of a big, comforting hug for your home. Misty Aqua, a watercolor cerulean blue, provides an unexpected pairing of freshness against the other warm, earthy tones.”


Top photo courtesy PPG Paints. Bottom row: Terra SP212, Character Walnut LLP315, Antique Copper RKT3002-G

Because this palette consists of chalky colors that can either be the main focus or a supporting décor element, you pair any or all of them with either a light Karndean floor, like Terra SP212 or a darker Karndean floor like Character Walnut LLP315 or Antique Copper RKT3002-G.


Marrakesh SP220

Perhaps you like this combination of colors, but not for your walls. Our Marrakesh SP220 combines similar colors in a stylish combination of geometric forms, curves and crests influenced by medieval Spanish architecture.

Sherwin Williams: Urbane Bronze


Top photo courtesy Sherwin Williams. Bottom row: Brunella Marble RKT3013-G, Vanilla Oak LLP333, Weathered Elm WP511

Taking a bolder approach, Sherwin Williams has chosen Urbane Bronze, “whose natural simplicity and nature-inspired energy cultivate a sense of calm from the ground up.” For an elegant look, pair this shade with Brunella Marble RKT3013-G, which features hints of metallic bronze in the bold veining. For a cleaner contemporary look, Vanilla Oak LLP333 has delicate features to allow Urbane Bronze to stand out. If you prefer something darker but still contemporary, consider Weathered Elm WP511 or for a darker rustic look Hartford LLP112.


Hartford LLP112

Planning to use the 2021 colors of the year in your projects? Request free swatch samples of your favorite Karndean luxury vinyl pairings for your upcoming projects.